Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Ribble ABC

Save The Ribble Campaign are organising a “Ribble ABC” - an alphabet for the Ribble –which will create a picture of distinctiveness about the River Ribble and its local environment.

From Atlantic Salmon and Allotments, Butterflies, Tidal Bore, and Bridges, Cycling and Curlews, Ducks, Dragonflies, and Deep Water, Eels and Evening Primrose, Forget-Me-Nots and Frogs, Gravel and Green Belt, High Tides and Hodder, Incoming Tide and Iris, Jays and Jumping Fish, Kingfishers and Knapweed, Low Tide and Lostock, Mudflats and Meanders, to Nature and Natterjack Toads, Otters and Orchids, Peace and Quiet, Ribble Way and Redshank, Spate Waters, Silts, and Speckled Wood Butterflies, Tides and Tufted Vetch, Undergrowth and Undercurrents, Voles, Willows, eXcitement, Yachting, and Zest, what is it about the Ribble that grabs YOU?

Sparkling Waters bubbling over stones...?

The changing Tides...?

The huge variety of Butterflies...?

The endlessly changing Waters and Silts...?

Walking beneath Beech Trees on the Riverbank...?

Send in YOUR words and pictures which make the Ribble special for you.

Common Ground” are using the ABC format to celebrate “England in Particular” – what makes our local environment special and distinctive – and Save The Ribble's Ribble ABC will follow a similar format, and will be published on the Save The Ribble and The Ribble Cycle Diaries blogs.

In the long term, it may eventually be published as a leaflet. The Ribble ABC will involve both words and pictures, so if you'd like to contribute, or find out more, contact me at savetheribble@tiscali.co.uk and let me know what makes the Ribble special for you.

Saltmarsh on the Estuary...

Green Belt...

Pink Footed Geese...

Common Ground’s “England in Particular” can be viewed online here and their ABC ideas can be seen here, and the importance of our rivers and streams here.

Please contact Jane Brunning at savetheribble@tiscali.co.uk if you would like to contribute to the Ribble ABC, or would like more information.


ribbletonia said...

love these abc's! I'll contribute! and thanks so much for your comment on our blog, we had a good day yesterday but now my legs hurt! your ribble treks are inspiring me to get on my bike. see you soon, ruth

ribbletonia said...

didn't realise this post was 2007, did you get the abc finished or is it still ongoing?

Reigh Belisama said...

Still ongoing Ruth, so please do contribute as we're planning to publish them all online, and one day even do a booklet! Just need to get Other Stuff finished so that I can get back to some Ribbling!!
You can email me directly on ribblecyclediaries@tiscali.co.uk or savetheribble@tiscali.co.uk

See you soon!