Thursday, 11 February 2010

Ribble Walk Monday 15th February - get your boots on!

We're organising another Ribble Walk as part of the Ribble Coast & Wetlands Walking Festival - yes, there's another RCW Walking Festival in early Spring now!

Details below, but in the meantime, take a look at these gorgeous pictures sent in by Pamela S of Preston . She took them down by the Ribble in Broadgate and Avenham and Miller Parks, and they are really beautiful...

...and the cold weather seems set to continue on, even though the snow and ice has at least receded, this Winter seems as though it's going on forever.

Such a hard Winter makes life harder for our native birds and the overwintering wading birds, but having the precious mudflates of the Ribble literally makes the difference between life and death for those long-distance travellers, and if you walk down by the Ribble even at the highest stretches of the tidal range at the Old Tram Bridge connecting Avenham Park and "Ribbleside" you can hear the echoing cry of the Redshank carrying across the water... why not join us on our next Ribble Walk, on Monday 15th February, as part of the Ribble Coast & Wetlands Walking Festival.
We'll be starting at 10.30 am at Penwortham Old Bridge - the cobbled bridge linking Broadgate with Penwortham - and walking downriver on the South Ribble bank as far as the pumping station turn-off for Longton and back again. We won't be going all the way to the Dolphin unless allcomers would like to!

It's a good 8 miles altogether (12 if we include the Dolphin Inn - although there's always the option of a bus back to Preston from Longton!), so come prepared in stout boots and with warm clothing and a packed lunch, and for more details of other Ribble Coast & Wetlands Walks during half term week, see the Save The Ribble Blog.

Happy Ribbling!

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ribble Ice

Thanks to Chris of Broadgate for the following pictures of the River Ribble taken this week - it might cause disruption to normal life but WOW the River Ribble is looking spectacular in the Big Freeze!!

Jane of Middleforth took these next ones...

...and these at New Year, before it got really cold...

More picture of the frozen Ribble and Ribbleside areas can be seen on the Save The Ribble blog - check them out, and Happy Ribbling!!