Sunday, 21 September 2008

First Day of Autumn on the River Ribble

It's the first day of autumn and already the chestnut leaves are turning gold and red, and looking truly gorgeous along the banks of the River Ribble...

... and not only has it finally stopped raining - now summer is officially over...

...we have some lovely sunshine! Better late than never, the summer weather has been awful for the second year running, but luckily for Ribblesiders the River Ribble takes all that rainwater safely out to sea.

The sun has timed itself well as it's harvest time on the new Country Park in Penwortham...

...and it's so beautiful down by the River in the autumn sunshine, and now the rain has stopped at last we can get out and enjoy it without having to drag on wellies and raincoats and huddle under umbrellas...

...although the Ribble always looks beautiful whatever the weather, its waters changing colour with the sky and the turning of the tide and the speed of the water's flow and the amount of silts it is carrying. Happy Autumn Ribbling!

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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

New Wildlife Walks and Talks on the Ribble!

This Wednesday 3rd September there is a Herbal Health Walk starting in Avenham Park, by the new Pavilion next to the River Ribble at 2pm.

"two lovely herbalists will be leading a walk to enjoy the fresh air and scenery and to look at some of the herbs that grow wild in the Avenham Park area and surrounding countryside".

Also, the Preston Birdwatching and Natural History Society have announced their new season of talks - many of which involve our Ribble wildlife!!

Check out their website for further details, and see Save The Ribble for the Ribble Wildlife talk listing in more detail!

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