Sunday, 11 May 2008

Ribble Celebration - Country Park Walk on 18th May

On Sunday 18th May Ribbleside residents will be walking the new South Ribble Country Park to celebrate its new designation.

Starting from the Tram Bridge across the River Ribble at 2pm, we will be walking around the area exploring a number of its fantastic natural habitats, including the River Ribble riverbanks, meadows, ancient woodlands, and Preston Junction Nature Reserve...

Some of the terrain is a little rough, and it does involve a couple of stiles and the occasional mud patch, so this particular walk is unsuitable for wheels - although you could still meet us on the Tram Bridge to join in the celebrations and then set off on your own wheely walk along the Riverside or the Old Tram Road!
Why miss out on a glorious May Day by the Ribble!

Click here for full details of the route etc!

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